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New Strides Joint Center - What to Expect

Scheduled for surgery. What to expect at the Joint Center


Pre-Op Preparation

When you are having joint replacement surgery at New Strides Joint Center, we want you to be as prepared as possible prior to your surgery.  Pre-Op Nursing staff will be in touch with you several times over the weeks and days prior to your surgery to provide you personalized care that will support the very best experience possible.


During one of these calls, a pre-operative assessment will be done by a nurse who will ask questions about your health.  This information will allow the hospital staff to know you better and provide you with the personal care you deserve.  If you have been a patient at Mercy Medical Center previously, your assessment and important contact information may simply need to be updated.

Make sure to have your current medication list (with dosages) available because you will be given instructions regarding what medications to take the morning of your surgery based on this list.


In addition, any needed pre-op labs and tests will be identified and completed prior to your admission to the hospital.  Pre-Op Nursing staff are dedicated to providing you with personalized care that supports the very best experience and outcomes possible.


Day of Surgery – Post Surgery

You will be greeted by our Joint Care Coordinator immediately upon admission to the orthopedic unit at Mercy Medical Center after surgery.  We expect that patients will be able to sit at the edge of the bed and dangle their legs and most patients will stand bedside the day of surgery.


Day One – Post Surgery

By 7:30 a.m., you will be dressed, helped out of bed and seated in a recliner in your room.  Your surgeon and physician’s assistant (if applicable) will visit you daily.  The physical therapist will assess your progress and get you walking with a walker.  Group therapy begins twice daily at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.  Occupational therapy may begin, if needed.  Your coach is strongly encouraged to participate.  Visitors are also welcome.


Day Two and Three – Post Surgery

Activities are much the same as day one, progressing with physical therapy and reaching new goals.  You most likely will be discharged after your second group therapy session in the afternoon.  You will also attend a group discharge class.  Any stay longer than 3 days is generally related to medical issues only.


Customized After-Care

Your care team will work with you and your family to build a personalized discharge plan.  Most patients are able to recover in the comfort of their own home and will continue therapy at an outpatient physical therapy facility.  Other patients will continue their rehabilitation at a skilled nursing or short-term rehabilitation facility where their medical needs can be monitored continually.  Our joint care coordinator will help with all transitional planning.


Contact Us

Have more questions?  We are here to help.  Please call our Joint Care Coordinator to learn more about our patient-centered process for joint replacement surgery or to schedule a tour.

Candice Spence RN, Joint Care Coordinator



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